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Lift Height


Drive Types

Optional imaging system with front and rear camera, increasing the safety greatly.

Battery compartment is easy to open for easy maintenance.



  • Appearance

    Professional exterior industrial design, high-end product with high identification, compact and smooth style showing modern industrial aesthetics. Hidden arrangement. The exposed part allows more clean and neat appearance.

  • Comfort

    Excellent all round visibility is achieved by the overall design. Meanwhile, the advanced, low-noise, ergonomic control arrangement and the standard cab with cooling and heating air conditioner improve the driving comfort, and can meet the driver's needs for long time and high intensity operation, no matter it is in summer or winter.

  • Intelligent

    The central controller of the forklift uses CAN bus architecture to monitor the built-in diagnostic sensors, manage the functions of the forklift and raise central fault alarm of the forklift. /Optional intelligent management system can be selected to make remote intelligent monitoring manage devices more easily.

  • Maintainability

    The whole vehicle is equipped with a tiltable cab, a wide-opened hood, mast centralized lubrication and fault diagnosis display function, which is very convenient for maintenance.

  • Fully-suspended all-round vision cab

    The new fully-suspended all-round vision cab (HPC) and optimized vehicle outline enable all-round sight and view. Performance of the air conditioner is improved to enable uniform conditioned air blowing from the air outlet and a strong cooling effect. The waterproof, dust-proof, heatproof, soundproof, noise-reducing sealing design improves driving comfort. The molded interior parts enable a more comfortable feel. The integral frame is constituted by profiled steel pipes. The structural parts have higher strength.

  • Reliable

    The adoption of famous-brand engine, transmission and drive axle, and the parts subject to verification for many years achieve stable quality and high reliability. Safety control functions such as over-speed alarm, overload alarm and descending buffer can be configured to ensure operation safety.


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