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At the vehicle left rear side, there are the operating switches (front and behind electric switches, emergency power shut-off switch). The hook can be conveniently and safely manipulated.

The imported and fully AC power system has advanced performance, is fully enclosed, utilizes forced air-cooling and is safe and reliable.

Remote control (optional): Vehicle management system: Vehicle status enquiry and record, alarm for overspeed, door lock, radar and so on. The equipment can be provided with 7-inch touch screen. The operation is simple and convenient. With overall data display & real-time status reminding, monitoring, management and service can be realized in remote way.

With the internationally-advanced and transversely-arranged driving unit, the special reduction gearbox is utilized, and the great reduction ratio design is used

  • Appearance
    With the integrated steel structure, the internationallyfashionable large arc and streamline pattern is utilized. The appearance is beautiful. The vehicle is applicable to such works as traction, pushing and handling.
  • Safety
    Advanced AC control system-The high-frequency IMOTION integrated controller can guarantee stable and accurate vehicle running. The motor has fine electric control matching performance, and has such functions as stable start-up, regenerative braking, plug braking, anti-slip at ramp and so on. It is energy-saving, high-effi ciency, safe and reliable.
  • Advancedness
    The fully AC power system provides strong power and more accurate speed-adjusting performance. AC power system is used for both running and steering.
  • Stability
    The battery is placed at the bottom of the vehicle frame and between the front axle and rear axle. With the ultra-low gravity center, the excellent stability of the whole vehicle is ensured.
  • Comfort
    The man-machine interactive system utilizes the new-type digital panel and combined rocker switch, the vehicle travel condition can be displayed clearly, and it is simple, reliable and visual.
  • Environmental protection
    With such advantages of mute, non-pollution and saving energy, the environmental protection requirements can be met.
  • Maintainability
    Such electric elements as electric control, contactor, instrument, accelerator and so on are products of internationally well-known brands, and have high reliability.

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