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Independently developed by Hangcha on the basis of decades of deep understanding of electric forklifts and internal combustion forklifts, XH series high-voltage counterweight lithium battery forklifts are a new series of high-voltage counterweight lithium battery forklifts that first use a new energy vehicle voltage platform and represent a breakthrough over the traditional design concept. Representing a redefinition of electric forklifts in terms of efficiency, power, reliability, etc., XH series forklift models have performance and operating condition completely superseding that of the internal combustion forklifts.

Both the battery and junction box have MSD maintenance switches to enable one-click power-down and safer maintenance.

  • Ultra long battery life

    A large-capacity lithium battery for the standard configuration can meet the long battery life need. Both the drive and operating systems are efficient and energy-saving vehicle-grade permanent magnet synchronization systems. High-voltage platform, less vehicle current and minimal system heat loss. Braking energy recovery effectively prolongs operating time.

  • Advancement

    A high-torque permanent magnet synchronous motor provides strong power for the vehicle with performance indicators benchmarked against that of internal combustion forklifts.

  • Intelligence

    A vehicle central controller is provided, which has bus architecture, several built-in diagnosis and management functions and a central fault alarm function. An optional intelligent management system is provided to enable intelligent remote monitoring and easier equipment management and logistics management.

  • Maintainability

    The overturnable cab and electric tipping cylinder make tipping easier and more labor-saving. The wide-opened hood and removable cover better facilitate repair and maintenance of electrical components.

  • Safe and reliable

    The cover of the vehicle is designed to be sealed to the water resistance level of IPX4. The electrical system has high-voltage interlocking, insulation monitoring and potential balancing functions to offer vehicle-grade safety.


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