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HANGCHA diesel articulated boom lift is adapted to a specific operating environment, which can work in humid, corrosive, dusty, high or low temperature environments. It’s ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications, the engine-powered HANGCHA articulatied boom lift provides lifting versatility with a combination of up, out and over positioning capabilities and outreach that’s second to none.

Full proportional control handle and CAN bus as well as PLC control system with high positioning accuracy are easy to be controlled and can be operated by the users at will.

It has a base control and a platform control system that use commutation switches to convert. The basket control is used to lock the base control. The two systems are protected by shields.

  • Overview

    Powerful off-road performance, high work efficiency, accuracy close to the operation target, intelligent maintenance. Two speed hydraulic motors drive and ecient power transmission for optimum speed and torque on rough terrain. 4WD and up to 40% gradeability for superior terrainability. Fully proportional controls for precise boom positioning and smooth performance.

  • Complete Safety Devices

    Standard four-link weighing devices; measures such as overload protection, automated detection device for detecting platform amplitude and height, automatic control of the movement speed and traveling speed of the boom, and high-precision weighing devices, to ensure the safety and stability of operation in all directions.

  • Hydraulic System

    Closed running system, speed easily to be adjusted, wide speed range; the boom’s hydraulic system adopts double valve core circuit, which enhances the safety. The hydraulic components adopt European and American pure brands.

  • Traveling System

    The closed running system consisting of electro-proportional variable pump, hydraulic control variable motor and flow distribution valve can gain relatively high movement speed and relatively low and stable running speed. The system works efficiently and generates less heat.

  • Safety Settings

    The basket has automatic leveling function, which allows the basket to tilt up to 1.5° relative to the horizontal plane. The booms lift, decent, extend and rotate smoothly, and has a buffer device. Platform travelling and boom rotation are equipped with reliable brakes, to ensure the reliable control during operation.


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