China-EU Railway Express "Hangcha" Line Firstly Departed


On November 22, with a full load of 100 TEUs, the X9216/5 China-Europe Railway Express "Hangcha" Line departed from Jinhua, China to Medeu, Kazakhstan, and is expected to arrive in 10 days. There are 98 forklifts produced by Hangcha on this train, with a total of 16 TEUs, which will eventually be delivered to Hangcha’s customers in Almaty.

China-EU Railway Express Hangcha Line Firstly Departed (3).jpgChina-EU Railway Express Hangcha Line Firstly Departed (1).jpg

Images from CCTV, video link as below:

Affected by the pandemic, the traditional shipping and air transportation have been blocked, the global industrial chain has not yet fully recovered, more orders have continued to flow to China. As a result, the relations between supply and demand become intensive, the cost and efficiency of product delivery have been affected to a certain extent. Railway transportation has become a vital new channel for international trade of Eurasia due to its various advantages including simplicity, efficiency, and resistance to climate, etc. As one of the largest forklift R&D and manufacturing enterprise in China, the orders of Hangcha Group has experienced strong growth. In the first three quarters of 2021, our operating income exceeded 11 billion CNY, increased by 34.06% compared with the same period last year, and the profit was 739 million CNY, increased by 17.86%. It's expected to hit a record high throughout the year. As an important hub of the East China Economic Belt, the East China International Intermodal Terminal plays a special role in serving local economic development and the national "Belt and Road" construction. There are many business synergies between us.

China-EU Railway Express Hangcha Line Firstly Departed (2).jpg

Qingshan Industrial Park of Hangcha Group

This time, the China-Europe Express has tailored the "Hangcha" Line for our company based on the perfect platform of Jinhua, the channel sharing is realized to ensure cargo is delivered safely, timely and efficiently. It has truly relieved the difficulties of Hangcha, helps Hangcha to further develop the markets of Central Europe and Central Asia, and speed up the strategic layout of our brand globalization. On this occasion, we sincerely thank the Government and the shipping agent for their strong support and assistance in the development of Hangcha. We shall sincerely look for cooperation with our customers and our partners for a mutually brilliant future.


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